Jay Wilson says FUCK THAT LOSER to David Brevik

thats right

David Brevik is the creator of Diablo 1 and 2 and the founder of Blizzard North

He disliked how the current team at Blizzard has killed his baby with Diablo 3. 

He does not like how the current Diablo 3 team created the game.

In response, Jay Wilson, the director of Diablo 3 said to David Brevik


If Diablo 3 was such a success and hit, there would be no need for that. However that isn’t the case and for Jay Wilson to respond that way, is to acknowledge his failure.

His apology was not a sincere one. TLDR his crappy apology.


Free Maplestory Scania Powerleveling Leeching – Week 1

I will be offering free leech parties for upcoming week 1.

People that are interested please leave your Scania IGN and the time you are available so I can contact you when I am on.

WHO: My name is Ryan and my Phantom is FinalFeint. He will be the conductor of this service.

WHEN: I am EST time zone. I can work with PST. and Maybe Europe.

PLACE: LHC – if crockies are full, then we go bearwolves, so have prequest ready =)

HOW: no hacks, no glitches, the most legit free leech ever. I don’t believe in hacking/glitching and its unfair, even though it will may faster, you are only cheating and that can get you banned.

WHY: Maplestory is meant to be fun, its an mmorpg. Socializing makes it fun and an mmorpg, do you really want to play an mmorpg alone? its not singleplayer!!!

CONDUCT: Once you are in my leeching party, I expect 1 hser (if mine isnt around), and when some one enters our channel, dont cuss them out, just say

we are full, cc please, sorry no space right now

I dont want a ks – war and then no one wins ::f3::

BENEFITS and RULES: If I find you online and you respond to my whisper then you get in. If no one else is around and its just you then you get all the benefits of party.

To get updates on this post – subscribe to it so when I do appear online I will notify everyone that subscribed =)

so leave ur ign/time

ex. ThisIsMyIGN/Tues 8pm-10pm

Guide to Azwan Liberation & Honor Leveling [V]

Azwan is located in a distant location of the Nihal Desert. (actually not so distant, just upper left)

This patch will go live in GMS on July 16th, 2012.

This guide will teach you about Azwan PQ and the Honor leveling system.

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Playing Phantom Episode 1 – Skills Showcase

Maplestory Forums = FAGGOTS

What is Maplestory and What is a Maplestory Forum?

Maplestory is a game where its a battle of damage, whoring, and bitch festing.

Yet I still like it. Not for those reasons but for fun. Rarely do people still play for fun. People tend to play for damage, bragging rights, being dicks in a game, and compensating for what they lack in real life.

What is a Maplestory Forum? These are places like SouthPerry, BasilMarket, Sleepywoods.

They are all nice places except Basil. Basil seems to be operated by a pedophile. Moderators there are full of hateful kids. Since when do moderators act like kids?

Let me break it down for those that don’t know what a forum is.


A meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

And when users exert their ideas and views on a particular issues, they get banned/warned/infarcted on those forums. Does that makes it a forum?

And when do users get warned/infarctions multiple times on the same god-damn post? What are these moderators doing? Are they idiots and blind?

Global MS, Europe MS, are both very different when compared to Asian Maplestory Servers. The asian population are much more friendlier in comparison and less full-map-attack botters/hackers selling leech.

There is one thing that bothers moderators the most. When users call out moderators for being biased they will abuse their powers out of spite and jealousy.

Diablo 3 – Crap Patch of Secrecy

Hello Folks, I won’t be updating anything just yet on Maplestory. So to fill in the missing content I will discuss some changes happening in Diablo 3.

As you all probably alraedy know about the shitstorm and crapstorm and bullshit that Blizz has been rolling out to address issues completely unrelated to the game…

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Diablo 3 – The End

The first RPG I have ever played online was Diablo 1. I got this as a gift from my parents and I cherished this game throughout my childhood and when my high school friends introduced me to Diablo 2, I was immediately pulled back into the world of Diablo.


The game pretty much lasted for a long time for me until botters and hackers became so abundant the developers introduced Uber Tristram and Uber Diablo to cull the economy of duplicated SoJ currency.

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[GMS] GameMaster takes strong stance against Hackers

When was the last time we actually heard a GM take a real stance against hackers?

Was it in Tespia beta MS times?

I sure remembered PatisserieMK.


As of thursday SC ever since, most hackers got banned. Especially the ones from the LHC killing everything on the map from Channels 1-20. This type of hacking makes it hard for gamers to play, and having to pay 40 million / hr just to leech becomes unplayable.

I guess GMs finally heard the concerns of Maple Citizens and decided to put up a stronger stance. Here is a link/quote to GM Hime’s response on the Nexon Forums

Hello forumers,

We’ve been seeing a lot of discussions in regards to cheater activity in game. So in order for us to better investigate cheaters in the vast Maple World please post the complete map name of where you are seeing the most cheating activities. By complete map name we mean something like “Sunset Road: Sahel 1”, not something “Jesters”. The better we can identify trouble zones, the better we can improve the game fairness for our players.

This is not a thread to post pictures and videos, or as we would call it “call out players.” Post any information you have on areas that need the most patroling.

This thread is not open for discussion as we want to focus on game areas that require the most GM attention. Thank you for your help and we will continue to do our best to alleviate this situation for all of our players

For this to work, people must report the map name, it also helps to do the ALERT GM button.

So Maplers! Do your part in the Maple world and make it safe!

Source: Nexon Forums

[GMS] Simple Phantom SP Build Guide

With the coming release of Phantom at GMS, July 9th to be exact.

We’re only less than 48 hrs short. I must say for a Diablo 3 player, this release expectations beats Diablo 3’s release date.

And for sure I know this Phantom release won’t disappoint, as opposed to Diablo 3’s horrific launch and disappointments to date. (issues which I doubt will ever be addressed)


Anyway without further thoughts on which release is better, I preset to you, a quick and simple Phantom SP guide.

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[KMS] [JMS] Phantom Videos Countdown till GMS release! [U]

I will be uploading KMS and JMS Phantom videos until GMS release

Hope my readers/viewers will be entertained until GMS release.

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