My thoughts on Jett [u]

My Jett at Level 80 Buffed with Dark Clarity

I always though gunslingers would be like all over the place with bullet-time etc….

From the perspective of a former GuNz player this 2d Jett playing compensates for that moment in intrigue in Gunz. “How does he k-style?!?!”

1-30 was a breeze if you do all the quests

30-60 at the mush kingdom if u know what i mean

60-70 doing PQ dimension

and 70-80 Just go to Jesters and use Solar Array You can basically attack everything on the map

If anyone wants to play with me. My IGN is StarrkGX of Scania.



progress report on my JETT now 104

About zantgx

Hello my name is Zant. I am a workaholic. I work as much as a can to survive. On my spare time I play games as much as I can. I feel like there is never enough time for both. When I am gaming I like to help out the gaming community and provide updates on new contents!

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  1. The new update is cool. I’m level 10 so far. I just started on Jett. I’m not on scania. I am on demethos.

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