My Jett Reaches 120 and here is my skill build [V]


Finally made it to 120 and 3rd jobs SP distribution was a confusing one. Drone or Gamma…

So I pretty much maxed out Drone Attack since my Jett is not my main and I don’t play it playing for a long time its better to max out. Whereas Gamma Missile seems to only do knockback for mobbing and has a huge delay.

I definetly maxed out Solar Array to help level this quick and fast. (2xp HELPED!)

Once you make it to 4th job you are giving 3 SP and I placed them into

120 – Rapid Fire (1) Suborbital Bombardment (1) Collateral Damage (1)

pretty much common sense

I would max out Collateral Damage first then focus on Suborbital Bombardment (subject to change!)

About zantgx

Hello my name is Zant. I am a workaholic. I work as much as a can to survive. On my spare time I play games as much as I can. I feel like there is never enough time for both. When I am gaming I like to help out the gaming community and provide updates on new contents!

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