[GMS] 2 new Phantom Videos Revealed!

So it seems like nexon finally got around to hire some proper voice actors…

In the mean time I’ve been farming those renegade scrolls to create a 110+ w.att cane

hopefully with the release of phantom i’ll have a cane ready in time

For those that don’t know about farming renegade scrolls you can create JETT accept all quests, level to 15, you get 12 coins by then and use it to buy and transfer the scroll

I have bought 20% and 70% one handed weapon attack scrolls so far

For those NX loaded you can mix it in with some Shield scrolls (equivalent to white scrolls) to perfect your weapon =)

As for the countdown to Phantom (which i have somewhere on my desktop)

I’ve been keeping myself busy with kms/jms phantom videos

i’ll upload some once I get some time

About zantgx

Hello my name is Zant. I am a workaholic. I work as much as a can to survive. On my spare time I play games as much as I can. I feel like there is never enough time for both. When I am gaming I like to help out the gaming community and provide updates on new contents!

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