[GMS] Simple Phantom SP Build Guide

With the coming release of Phantom at GMS, July 9th to be exact.

We’re only less than 48 hrs short. I must say for a Diablo 3 player, this release expectations beats Diablo 3’s release date.

And for sure I know this Phantom release won’t disappoint, as opposed to Diablo 3’s horrific launch and disappointments to date. (issues which I doubt will ever be addressed)


Anyway without further thoughts on which release is better, I preset to you, a quick and simple Phantom SP guide.


1st Job

Forget stealing, its all about killing and advancing. By the time you leave the Lumiere (aka Crystal Garden/your ship) you will be given an EXP potion. This potion will make your Phantom level 18 instantaneously.

Here you should have

Feather Foot (MAXED)

Phantom Swiftness (MAXED)

Double Entendre (at 4)

Progression throughout 1st job is maxing Double Entendre then finally max out Impeccable Memory 1.

2nd Job

Once you advance the game will automatically put 1 sp into Carte Blanc. You will be another SP into Calling Card. This will be your main attack at 2nd job.

As you progress you will max out the skills 2 ways.

If you have no funding:

Cane Mastery > Impeccable Memory 2 > Calling Card > Carte Blanc > Devils Luck > Cane Booster > Carte Mille

no funding; so you STEAL SKILL the following: Shuriken Burst, Iron Arrow – basically anything with range and AoE attack

If you have funding:

Cane Mastery > Calling Card > Cane Booster > Impeccable Memory 2 > Devils Luck > Carte Mille

Everything will be maxed by level 70 and you will have 2SP left over. =)

3rd Job

Pretty simple here, max out Impeccable Memory 3 quickly for HS.

There are 2 variation of  build here by the time you reach level 120.

MAXED Blason Fantome with Rapier Wit at 11


MAXED Rapier Wit with Blason Fantome at 11

I will personally max out Blason Fantome since its going to be my main leveling skill until 120.

4th Job

Now you must put 1 SP in each of the following: Mille Aiguilles, Impeccable Memory 4, Penombre, (1sp will be automatically placed into Carte Noir)


Sharp Eyes and Rapid Fire for faster leveling.

About zantgx

Hello my name is Zant. I am a workaholic. I work as much as a can to survive. On my spare time I play games as much as I can. I feel like there is never enough time for both. When I am gaming I like to help out the gaming community and provide updates on new contents!

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