Diablo 3 – The End

The first RPG I have ever played online was Diablo 1. I got this as a gift from my parents and I cherished this game throughout my childhood and when my high school friends introduced me to Diablo 2, I was immediately pulled back into the world of Diablo.


The game pretty much lasted for a long time for me until botters and hackers became so abundant the developers introduced Uber Tristram and Uber Diablo to cull the economy of duplicated SoJ currency.

Blizzard’s stance has always been unfriendly towards hackers. However with Diablo 3, with it being an ONLINE only game, hackers and botters still exist. Counter-measures won’t be enough to prevent that, more reasons why the gold commodity on RMAH will never be live.

When I purchased Diablo 3, I had a blast, I raved about it, I inhaled and exhaled it. However just towards the end my Demon Hunter could not defeat Inferno Diablo, and just when I dumped all my gold, about 6million into buying IAS (increase attack speed) gear. Blizzard decides to NERF the hell out it. As in, arrows go bullet time in the worst way possible while damage gets sliced by 75%. How is this exactly fair in gaming?

To add insult to injury the game met with a horrific launch, especially in Asia. This is why Diablo 3 has reached its pinnacle. Its over. So Blizzard, you think, no wait, excuse me, nvm, I meant Jay Wilson. Hello Jay do you think people like to farm? Do you honestly think that all Diablo gamers are farmers? That we all want to be chinese farmers? You guys should not create a game trying to turn us into farmers, most farmers use bots, you are making true diablo hardcore fans grind for hours to find items that doesn’t drop and never exist. Itemization has too much variables and often times the items are so crappy we’re limited to selling 10 of these crappy items in the Gold-AH.

I have never used your dumb RMAH and Never will. Its failure. If you wanted to run a business you should have decided to get a degree in a college for MBA not game development. There is a huge distinction between those two degrees.

This is not a vent. This is a frustrated Diablo – Fan that was let down completely by Diablo 3. The game fails in so many ways, the story line is copy and paste from Diablo 2 and Tyrael the so called uber angel gets nerfed to do 1,000 damage? How is it exactly understandable that Act1 Inferno Elites are stronger the Act1 Boss?

These game mechanics do not make any sense at all. I honestly think you guys can never recover from this.

As a CM stated below that there is hope:

We recognize that the item hunt is just not enough for a long-term sustainable end-game. There are still tons of people playing every day and week, and playing a lot, but eventually they’re going to run out of stuff to do (if they haven’t already). Killing enemies and finding items is a lot of fun, and we think we have a lot of the systems surrounding that right, or at least on the right path with a few corrections and tweaks. But honestly Diablo III is not World of Warcraft. We aren’t going to be able to pump out tons of new systems and content every couple months. There needs to be something else that keeps people engaged, and we know it’s not there right now.

We’re working toward 1.0.4, which we’re really trying to pack with as many fixes and changes we can to help you guys out (and we’ll have a bunch of articles posted with all the details as we get closer), and we’re of course working on 1.1 with PvP arenas. I think both those patches will do a lot to give people things to do, and get them excited about playing, but they’re not going to be a real end-game solution, at least not what we would expect out of a proper end-game. We have some ideas for progression systems, but honestly it’s a huge feature if we want to try to do it right, and not something we could envision being possible until well after 1.1 which it itself still a ways out.

Its out right lie. There is no hope and no thousands of player is playing. Sugar-coating a failed game is like following a false messiah.

Game development team should ask themselves: Was this the game you had in mind when you joined the team, or were you all playing headless chicken follow the leader?

Seriously, Steve Parker made the right call to leave Blizzard and work at GaiKai, which is now sold to Sony.

Blizzard you turned a serious Diablo Fan to a whelp. Have fun trying to win back gamers now. The only players you guys have left are Starcraft 2 players and World of Warcraft: Kung Fu Panda

About zantgx

Hello my name is Zant. I am a workaholic. I work as much as a can to survive. On my spare time I play games as much as I can. I feel like there is never enough time for both. When I am gaming I like to help out the gaming community and provide updates on new contents!

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