Guide to Azwan Liberation & Honor Leveling [V]

Azwan is located in a distant location of the Nihal Desert. (actually not so distant, just upper left)

This patch will go live in GMS on July 16th, 2012.

This guide will teach you about Azwan PQ and the Honor leveling system.

Basically you can enter this PQ as many times as you want (as opposed to the 10 day limit ones). This limit will be imposed when Dual Blade revamp is released, so farm those honor points now, once its released!

The PQ is broken down to the following leveling brackets. You can do this solo or join with friends.

40-79 – yay some place to go

80-119 – yay some place to go to avoid fucking LHC hackers/botters

120-159 – yay some place to go to avoid fucking LHC hackers/botters

160-200 – Yay some place to go to avoid fucking LHC hackers/botters

The main goal of doing this Azwan Liberation is for major loot, these include Emperor items and unlocking out inner ability. (thank you shakar)

Now once you go to Azwan, you will see a map what not and different modes. Lets go over those modes.

  • Occupy – destroy 2 owl towers (3 if u party)
  • Attack –  destroy everything
  • Defend –  prevent destruction of your blue gem (cygnus stone), also kill the missile launchers (3 Destroyers)
  • Dissemination – sounds a bit kinky here… actually its just kill everything, good for party xp

In KMS there was a time limit placed on honor that can be gained, it was something like honor can be only earned at 2pm-8pm KMS time. Hope this doesn’t apply in GMS.

In this honor period your world server will compete against other world servers. Ex. Scania VS Bera or Bera vs Khaini, catch my drift?

After completion of Azwan rounds, you get a rusty coin. Collect 11 of these to make 1 Emperor Coin.

If you want rusty coin back, it will be 1 Emperor coin –> 9 rusty coin. IDK why anyone would want to lose 2. Remember you are limited to earn 150 rusty coins per day.

Anyway the dude that does the conversion also sells items; here is the exchange table

  • Azwan 60% accessory and equip scrolls – 30 rusted coins
  • Azwan 60% Weapon scrolls – 50 rusted coins

Now lets talk about Inner Ability.

Honor exp is required for this, therefore you get this in participation of the Azwan War

Level 2, Level 30, Level 70 – these are the 3 unlocks for inner ability

Every Honor level bracket say 1-9 then 10-19 then 20-29 you get a circulator

A Circulator resets your inner ability. similar to cosmic dust for jetts core aura skill.

Rank 10 Circulator = worst, Rank 1 Circulator = the Best

Additionally whenever you complete a round you meet a ghostly npc that will randomly sell scrolls,  emperor recipes, and potions


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