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Maplestory Forums = FAGGOTS

What is Maplestory and What is a Maplestory Forum?

Maplestory is a game where its a battle of damage, whoring, and bitch festing.

Yet I still like it. Not for those reasons but for fun. Rarely do people still play for fun. People tend to play for damage, bragging rights, being dicks in a game, and compensating for what they lack in real life.

What is a Maplestory Forum? These are places like SouthPerry, BasilMarket, Sleepywoods.

They are all nice places except Basil. Basil seems to be operated by a pedophile. Moderators there are full of hateful kids. Since when do moderators act like kids?

Let me break it down for those that don’t know what a forum is.


A meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

And when users exert their ideas and views on a particular issues, they get banned/warned/infarcted on those forums. Does that makes it a forum?

And when do users get warned/infarctions multiple times on the same god-damn post? What are these moderators doing? Are they idiots and blind?

Global MS, Europe MS, are both very different when compared to Asian Maplestory Servers. The asian population are much more friendlier in comparison and less full-map-attack botters/hackers selling leech.

There is one thing that bothers moderators the most. When users call out moderators for being biased they will abuse their powers out of spite and jealousy.