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Free Maplestory Scania Powerleveling Leeching – Week 1

I will be offering free leech parties for upcoming week 1.

People that are interested please leave your Scania IGN and the time you areĀ availableĀ so I can contact you when I am on.

WHO: My name is Ryan and my Phantom is FinalFeint. He will be the conductor of this service.

WHEN: I am EST time zone. I can work with PST. and Maybe Europe.

PLACE: LHC – if crockies are full, then we go bearwolves, so have prequest ready =)

HOW: no hacks, no glitches, the most legit free leech ever. I don’t believe in hacking/glitching and its unfair, even though it will may faster, you are only cheating and that can get you banned.

WHY: Maplestory is meant to be fun, its an mmorpg. Socializing makes it fun and an mmorpg, do you really want to play an mmorpg alone? its not singleplayer!!!

CONDUCT: Once you are in my leeching party, I expect 1 hser (if mine isnt around), and when some one enters our channel, dont cuss them out, just say

we are full, cc please, sorry no space right now

I dont want a ks – war and then no one wins ::f3::

BENEFITS and RULES: If I find you online and you respond to my whisper then you get in. If no one else is around and its just you then you get all the benefits of party.

To get updates on this post – subscribe to it so when I do appear online I will notify everyone that subscribed =)

so leave ur ign/time

ex. ThisIsMyIGN/Tues 8pm-10pm