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[GMS] GameMaster takes strong stance against Hackers

When was the last time we actually heard a GM take a real stance against hackers?

Was it in Tespia beta MS times?

I sure remembered PatisserieMK.


As of thursday SC ever since, most hackers got banned. Especially the ones from the LHC killing everything on the map from Channels 1-20. This type of hacking makes it hard for gamers to play, and having to pay 40 million / hr just to leech becomes unplayable.

I guess GMs finally heard the concerns of Maple Citizens and decided to put up a stronger stance. Here is a link/quote to GM Hime’s response on the Nexon Forums

Hello forumers,

We’ve been seeing a lot of discussions in regards to cheater activity in game. So in order for us to better investigate cheaters in the vast Maple World please post the complete map name of where you are seeing the most cheating activities. By complete map name we mean something like “Sunset Road: Sahel 1”, not something “Jesters”. The better we can identify trouble zones, the better we can improve the game fairness for our players.

This is not a thread to post pictures and videos, or as we would call it “call out players.” Post any information you have on areas that need the most patroling.

This thread is not open for discussion as we want to focus on game areas that require the most GM attention. Thank you for your help and we will continue to do our best to alleviate this situation for all of our players

For this to work, people must report the map name, it also helps to do the ALERT GM button.

So Maplers! Do your part in the Maple world and make it safe!

Source: Nexon Forums