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Playing Phantom Episode 1 – Skills Showcase


[GMS] Simple Phantom SP Build Guide

With the coming release of Phantom at GMS, July 9th to be exact.

We’re only less than 48 hrs short. I must say for a Diablo 3 player, this release expectations beats Diablo 3’s release date.

And for sure I know this Phantom release won’t disappoint, as opposed to Diablo 3’s horrific launch and disappointments to date. (issues which I doubt will ever be addressed)


Anyway without further thoughts on which release is better, I preset to you, a quick and simple Phantom SP guide.

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[GMS] 2 new Phantom Videos Revealed!

So it seems like nexon finally got around to hire some proper voice actors…

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[GMS] Phantom Arrives July 9th! [u]


I was contemplating not to post this until someone confirmed it, guess what…a GM did…

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Phantom 1st Reveal Trailer is here! Renegades!